DIY Halloween Costume: Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George

Something about me… I LOVE  Halloween AND making my own costumes.

This Year, my son is really into Curious George. He already has a stuffed George so I thought it’d be perfect if he’s the Man in the Yellow Hat. So here’s the end result and below is a step by step on how I put everything together.

Man in the Yellow Hat Costume

*Fun Fact: The Man in the Yellow Hat was nameless up until 2006. His name now is Ted!

I knew from the beginning that it was going to be difficult to find yellow pants and a yellow button down in toddler sizes, so my only option was to find white clothes and dye them yellow.

On one of my spontaneous shopping sprees at Old Navy, however, I found myself face to face with the perfect pair of yellow pants and on clearance!!! I bought them with a discount coupon of course, and they came out to about $7.

I went straight to the socks and found tall brown socks for $1.50. Score!

I was on a roll!

I decided to go into Ross  to see if I could find some brown boots or Ugg looking things. I came across the perfect brown boots! They were $14 and my son has been asking me for boots since he saw me in some.

I then went to my nearest Goodwill and found a white button down for $2.50.


I only needed the dye, the tie and the hat. I went into Beverly’s and bought some felt (which was on sale for $3.99/yd) and bought 1/2yd and a small strip of black felt and black ribbon.

Felt materials

Once I had everything I went ahead and washed the white shirt. The next day I dyed it using Rit dye in lemon yellow. The instructions were easy to follow and the shirt ended up the same color as the pants.

photo 1 copy 2

So now the tie…

tie 3

tie 001tie 01tie 1

I measured the shirt from the collar down to where the pants would hit and that turned out to be around 10”. I then cut a 2.5” x 20.5” strip from my yellow felt and folded it in half. I cut small circles form the piece of black felt. I got lazy and instead of sewing them, I used the hot glue gun. I cut a narrow strip for the neck and put it in between the folded tie. I then sewed a border around the tie to make it more sturdy.

The Hat


The hat was a tricky. I had no idea how to do it! At this point I stopped writing down the process and just went for it.  I basically cut another strip tall enough to be the top hat and long enough to go around the head. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to create a sturdy brim, and then it occurred to me. I went through my cake supply stuff and found  a 12″  round cake board. I had to use some math to figure out the circumference. I cut a whole and made 1″ cuts on the cylinder part so I could glue it onto the board. I then went ahead and covered it all in felt. To close the top I pinched it together and sewed, but you can glue too. With a circle I covered the top and glued together. I glued the black ribbon around and it covered the seam perfectly.

hat 1 hat 2 hat 3hat 4 hat 5

Finally costume complete!!


I am darn proud of it, too. I really hope the baby stays in a bit longer so I can take my son trick or treating.

In the morning when I showed him his costume he wanted to wear it. So now, everyday he asks to wear his yellow pants and his boots. He might be the man in the yellow hat after all.



Last year I made all of our costumes. Here are some pictures 🙂



253081_10100565386747288_886825911_nrageddy andy

… and you better believe I am already planning out next year’s costumes for our family of 4!!