Baby Julian: Week 1

Yesterday marked Baby Julian’s first week.

It was a quick one.

How am I physically?

Not so well. My pelvic pain was suppose to end the moment I gave birth, well it didn’t. I feel as though my legs are being separated and someone is at each end pulling me apart. I will continue going to the chiropractor but I wanted to wait at least 2 weeks. Now, I can’t wait to go.

Baby’s health

Baby Julian is perfectly healthy. Before we were discharged from the hospital the pediatrician noticed he was a bit more yellow than normal for jaundice so he suggested we take our son to our primary pediatrician so she could check up on him. On Tuesday we went, and he weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz (9 oz less than at birth). We had to go to the hospital so they could draw blood and make a better assessment regarding his jaundice. Results came back a few hours after that and it all came out normal. All he had to do is relax under the sun 🙂 We were back at the doctor’s on Friday for a procedure and they did a weigh in. He weighed 7 lbs. 13oz. (10 oz since Tuesday). I am not surprised because boy does this baby eat. Hopefully we don’t have togo back to the Dr.’s until his 2 week check up next week.



Breastfeeding takes time and a lot of patience.

At the hospital they were excellent at helping me, because although I breastfed my first son, it is amazing how quickly I forgot the starting process. Like I mentioned in my labor and delivery story, I was able to breastfeed my baby right away, as soon as he was born. I continued to breastfeed during my stay at the hospital, but I forgot that your nipples need to get used to baby, and improper latching can leave nasty cracked nipples. Breastfeeding with cracked nipples is no fun. I even got a bit scared one night. I painfully nursed my son with the breast that had the worst cracked nipple. When I went to go pick him up for his next feeding, he had spit up blood. He sucked the blood out and it mixed with the milk. It only happened once and it wasn’t bright red blood, more like brownish, but it was scary.

I am happy, though that I got a good eater. He eats all the time and what do you get when a baby eats a lot? a lot of dirty diapers. Right now I’m doing disposable until his umbilical cord stump falls off and he gains a bit more weight to fit in the diapers.

We received some newborn and size 1 diapers as baby gifts, so I’ll be using up all of those. After he uses those, we will be switching to cloth diapers, thank goodness, because he sure uses up a lot of diapers. I have a starting kit of 24 cloth diapers so assuming he uses up 12 diapers per day, we are set to do laundry every other day. I’ll post an update on how it all goes.



This second time around I knew that I could either get moderate sleep, or I would be waking up every 2 hours. My first son slept a lot and I had to wake him up after 4 hours just to nurse him. This time I didn’t think I would get that lucky. Just like any newborn, he wakes up every 2-3 hours to nurse. I rest every chance I get. Luckily my husband has been taking our toddler to the park and making him tired so I take a nap while he does that. I don’t know how it’ll be next week when he goes back to work, but hopefully It goes well.

Housework and chores


My house is a mess. It is very difficult to see it in this state but my doctor said I shouldn’t do any household work and that I should just rest. I didn’t listen to her last time and I was left with an uneven hip and an open pelvis. This time I am not going to worry about it. My husband took over and he is the one that does the dishes, laundry and everything else. I took care of the cooking long time ago.

     Prepared Frozen Foods


Before giving birth, I dedicated a whole weekend to cook and cook and cook. I prepared around 15 meals to store in my friends giant freezer.  Meals are enough for two days, so about a month. I am so glad I did this because so far it has absolutely saved us. We don’t have to worry about going to the grocery store to buy stuff for dinner, good thing because the dear husband is not so good at shopping. Even with a detailed list, he will bring the wrong items. I also don’t have to worry about answering the good old question “What are we having for dinner?” It’s nice to just set the crockpot in the morning and not having to worry about it. Breakfast and lunch are a bit easier to prepare so I don’t worry about that.

In another post I’ll put up all the recipes and my review on each meal.

How is big brother adapting?

My dear son is adapting rather well considering his whole world changed overnight. He is very clingy to daddy so it helps out a bit, but I don’t know how he’ll be once my husband goes back to work. He screams a lot and I noticed a change in his behavior. He demands more and if he doesn’t get what he wants he bangs his head on the carpet or on the couch. Toward his baby brother, however, he is very kind in his own way. He’s not as gentle as us adults, but he looks at him with a lot of love. He asks to hold him and when he’s asleep in his bassinet he just peeks at it and looks at him and walks away. When he cries he runs to go get mommy. He also makes a fish mouth when he sees me nursing him. The other day he asked to nurse, something that surprised me since he hasn’t nursed since he was 5 mos. I offered him a breast and he barely touched it with his lips and went back to playing with a smile in his face. I think he just didn’t want to feel left out. Tandem breastfeeding was something I was open to and if my oldest wanted I was willing to do it.

It is becoming easier as days pass and I am an expert at knowing I’m not an expert at this mother thing. One just has to play it by day and make the best decisions according to each situation. I am very happy things are coming together for us and we are developing somewhat of a schedule. I love my family.

photo copy 2

My boys taking over our bed