Crochet Slouch Beanie


I just wanted to show off today’s head accessory 🙂

Sorry there’s no pattern. I was testing out a chunky yarn and I just went with it. I get so many compliments on this hat, I plan on making more to put on my future Etsy page… I know, I’ve been saying that forever. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.


All Mine Crochet Slouch Pattern by Moogly

photo 1

Today I had to run out and do some early morning errands and I wanted to stay warm. Ever since I lost all that weight, I tend to get cold a lot. So I go into my bin of beanies… I seriously have so many beanies… most of them are baby ones my boys either grew out of, or don’t want to wear… sigh … and I come across this one I made a year ago, I think.

I wish I would have pulled it out earlier, like two days earlier, but here it is, and just to add on to the hipster look, I wore my Converse. The glasses, well that’s just because I’m blind and I don’t want to get contacts.


But you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to make this beautiful crochet hat. You can find the pattern here.

photo 2

I swear, every day I fall more in love with crochet. The things I can make with just yarn and a hook are unbelievable. I’m not only a hooker, I’m a magician too 😉

Love, laugh, live, crochet.

Crochet: Minion Hat


Here’s the Minion hat I did for my son.

I plan on doing the one with the one eye for the baby and I too can have my own minions that will work for me. The pattern is pretty simple and it only took me a day to complete the entire hat.

Working with a simple earflap beanie pattern and after 12 sc rows,  I switched to black yarn and started the goggle band part of the hat.


I stitched two rows of blue around the hat and the flaps, to finish off with two sets of braided yarn.


The eyes have four colors, black, brown, white and gray. I made two identical circles and sewed them on the part that shows the uneven-ness of the yellow-black color change.