Crochet Bralette/Summer Top

I stayed up all night again hooking since my two spirited boys and work keep me very busy during the day.

Here’s the updated and finished product. You can see the beginning process here.

I changed my mind on the bottom part and decided on a fan shell stitch instead of the square motifs. Here are the pictures.


I made the center part higher so it can give the top a more feminine look, at least I think it does. I noticed it on a bathing suit top I had. I worked dc and tr on the center stitches.


18680117481_a8d41901cd_oAnd here’s what it looks like once it’s on.


Crocheting… it’s bringing sexy back!


WIP: Crochet Bralette/Summer Top

Summer makes me think of sun, beach, tanning, relaxing, and… crocheting! Okay, anytime of the year makes me think of crocheting.

I’m also not in the mood to crochet blankets, scarves or beanies, but there are many things I can crochet during the summer. Take this project, for example, it’s a crocheter’s must. I’ve been meaning to finally graduate to crocheting clothes.

I like to believe I can crochet anything so I’m putting it to the ultimate test. I’m making a crochet top, one of those bralettes we see at music festivals. It’s very bohemian, very popular and in fashion right now. In fact, I’m seeing crochet tops, shawls, vests, borders, and shorts all over. I find myself staring every time someone has on anything crochet… I know, I’m a total perv. What can I say, yarn is my weakness.

Enough chatter, here’s my WIP

18646829312_1f5e99b7c9_o (1)To make the cups, I made a chain from the bottom of the breast to where the nipple would be, this one is about 20ch. I hdc across and instead of turning, I added 3hdc to the beginning ch. and worked hdc in each stitch until I got to the end. I turned and went back, hdc until the end again, making sure I increased at the top. This makes the “cup.” I made two “triangles.”

I connected the bottom and added a border. I got the pattern (#22) from this book:

18651530475_3e08f100b3_oI’m trying to use patterns from my crochet book collection. I love to wing it and make up my own patterns, but sometimes I don’t have the time.

18653771751_659450d34c_o (1)



Here’s the end result: Looks so pretty already. I could leave it like that and make a bikini top, but I want to add more.18028840794_1e7d488378_o

For the bottom, I’m going to connect square motifs (#61 Isabella Square ) from this book:


This is the square, I love the lacy doily look.


And that’s it so far. I’ll post more as I go.

Crochet: Scarecrow Hat

Crochet Scarecrow Hat

scarecrow hat 3 copy

This post might seem a little late since Halloween seems like ages ago, but with having a baby and all, I got a bit behind.

The hat, however, was easy to put together. I finished it in one evening when I realized I wasn’t going to go into labor and I needed a costume.

I didn’t have the time or the energy to go out to the stores and fight with people for the last halloween items, so what do I do? I look at my yarn stash and decide on a scarecrow hat.

I was originally thinking of doing a witch hat, but I didn’t want to bother with black yarn. For those that may not know, black yarn is difficult to see when there’s poor lighting. On my Christmas list I have added the coolest crochet hooks that light up to solve that problem 😉

Back to the scarecrow hat…

It’s not my pattern and I used a witch hat pattern from Amy’s Crochet

I made some adjustments toward the end. I added one more set of rows and for the brim I made it more floppy by increasing every other row, until I was happy with it.


I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in warm brown to give it a burlap effect and for the “hair” I used Red Heart Super Saver in cornmeal.


For the hair I took a textbook and wrapped the yarn around several times and cut one end to make quick  strands.


I then took 4 strands and tied them inside the hat on the inside post.

scarecrow hair scarecrow hair closeup

After I was finished with the hat I added some fall leaves that were on sale at my nearest craft store. I added some straw type of ribbon I had in my craft stash and the scarecrow hat was complete.

scarecrow hat 2

For the outfit itself I went with jeans and tall brown boots. The shirt I found at a thrift store. For the apron, I added some patches and some yarn at the bottom.

scarecrow shirt

scarecrow apron

To attach the yarn on the bottom I crocheted a long chain the length of the apron and attached the strands to each chain. I then sewed the completed chain to the bottom.

It’s amazing how well it came out once I had the makeup on.

Halloween 2013 Scarecrow