Crochet Bookmark

Lo nuevo de mis tejidos…

I haven’t had time to crochet. Being a busy mom, working and on top of that our recent move. Time is what I wish I had.


Last night I was contemplating on whether I should read or crochet. So what do I do? I crocheted a bookmark! What a great project to describe both of my biggest passions.


I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest. Yay! One completed pin, a million to go!

Here’s the pattern.

I used Lion Brand’s Bonbon Yarn, Green and Dusty Rose from the Nature package. It took me less than an hour to complete and I was able to get my crochet fix 😉



Crochet Mystery Challenge: Reveal

photo copy 2


Ta Da!!!

Louie is complete! and he’s a giraffe!

Doesn’t he look adorable? Here’s a whole gallery  full of them, made by different participants. The creativity is breathtaking.

I had so much fun and I can’t wait to be part of another mystery challenge.

Crochet Mystery Challenge: Week 2

A few days ago I started the first part of the Crochet Crowd’s Mystery Challenge.

Last night I began and finished Week 2 ,which consists of 4 legs and a pair of ears. This is a very simple project and it’s so easy to follow Mikey’s tutorial. I’ve done my fair share of crocheted dolls. For a while I stopped because I noticed my wrists would hurt more when I would do amigurumi. After I finished these little parts, I went to bed with a bit of pain. It must be because I work my stitches tighter and thus put more pressure.

Take a look at what we got going so far.


Louie at Week 2. Hmm Giraffe? Hippo? Armadillo?


Crochet Circle Pillow

I had a circle pillow that just wasn’t doing it for me or my living room. I recently added greens and blues to my living room to give it a little lift, but I still had a red decorative pillow. I didn’t want to get rid of it and I didn’t want to go buy fabric to refashion it, so I crocheted a cover.

crochet cirle pillow

I worked dc increasing as I needed to to make it flat. To make the ribbing effect, I worked on back posts only.

I worked different yarns but I managed to make it work. I continued until it was the right size and made another identical circle for the back. I then sc both together. You can also make a border if you’d like. I decided to keep mine like that.

And that was it, another crocheting solution.

Pillow before 2_Fotor_Collage

Crochet: Scarecrow Hat

Crochet Scarecrow Hat

scarecrow hat 3 copy

This post might seem a little late since Halloween seems like ages ago, but with having a baby and all, I got a bit behind.

The hat, however, was easy to put together. I finished it in one evening when I realized I wasn’t going to go into labor and I needed a costume.

I didn’t have the time or the energy to go out to the stores and fight with people for the last halloween items, so what do I do? I look at my yarn stash and decide on a scarecrow hat.

I was originally thinking of doing a witch hat, but I didn’t want to bother with black yarn. For those that may not know, black yarn is difficult to see when there’s poor lighting. On my Christmas list I have added the coolest crochet hooks that light up to solve that problem 😉

Back to the scarecrow hat…

It’s not my pattern and I used a witch hat pattern from Amy’s Crochet

I made some adjustments toward the end. I added one more set of rows and for the brim I made it more floppy by increasing every other row, until I was happy with it.


I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in warm brown to give it a burlap effect and for the “hair” I used Red Heart Super Saver in cornmeal.


For the hair I took a textbook and wrapped the yarn around several times and cut one end to make quick  strands.


I then took 4 strands and tied them inside the hat on the inside post.

scarecrow hair scarecrow hair closeup

After I was finished with the hat I added some fall leaves that were on sale at my nearest craft store. I added some straw type of ribbon I had in my craft stash and the scarecrow hat was complete.

scarecrow hat 2

For the outfit itself I went with jeans and tall brown boots. The shirt I found at a thrift store. For the apron, I added some patches and some yarn at the bottom.

scarecrow shirt

scarecrow apron

To attach the yarn on the bottom I crocheted a long chain the length of the apron and attached the strands to each chain. I then sewed the completed chain to the bottom.

It’s amazing how well it came out once I had the makeup on.

Halloween 2013 Scarecrow

Crochet: Amigurumi Love Turtles

This request was by a cousin of mine that loves turtles. She wanted a couple of turtles and her wish was my command. I did not work from a specific pattern. I had to come up with it as I went. I did a basic amigurumi ball for the head and for the body I made a vase-type body. For the shell I made half a ball and added some ruffles. I used 6mm doll eyes but wished I had 9mm. I like making these cute creatures but amigurumi gives my hands a work out. I end up with aching hands and I have to take breaks to rest so my carpal tunnel does not come back which is why this project took me months to complete. The results, however, make it all worth it. Don’t you think?






Octagon Square Throw

I have decided to join the gang at the Crochet Crowd and finished an Octagon and Squares Throw as part of the Crochet Afghan Club. The deadline was today March 20th, 2013. I am happy to announce that I have finished!

Here are some pictures of the progress. I started 10 days ago and worked 4 consecutive days and didn’t work on it over the weekend.

ImageDay 1

ImageDay 2

ImageDay 3

ImageDay 10


My husband has been so patient and understanding about my crochet addiction. He knows just how much it relaxes me and feels very proud of my little talent. He surprised me with some roses for my hard work. He says I’m already a winner. I agree.