Crochet Circle Pillow

I had a circle pillow that just wasn’t doing it for me or my living room. I recently added greens and blues to my living room to give it a little lift, but I still had a red decorative pillow. I didn’t want to get rid of it and I didn’t want to go buy fabric to refashion it, so I crocheted a cover.

crochet cirle pillow

I worked dc increasing as I needed to to make it flat. To make the ribbing effect, I worked on back posts only.

I worked different yarns but I managed to make it work. I continued until it was the right size and made another identical circle for the back. I then sc both together. You can also make a border if you’d like. I decided to keep mine like that.

And that was it, another crocheting solution.

Pillow before 2_Fotor_Collage