Crochet Slouch Beanie


I just wanted to show off today’s head accessory 🙂

Sorry there’s no pattern. I was testing out a chunky yarn and I just went with it. I get so many compliments on this hat, I plan on making more to put on my future Etsy page… I know, I’ve been saying that forever. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.


All Mine Crochet Slouch Pattern by Moogly

photo 1

Today I had to run out and do some early morning errands and I wanted to stay warm. Ever since I lost all that weight, I tend to get cold a lot. So I go into my bin of beanies… I seriously have so many beanies… most of them are baby ones my boys either grew out of, or don’t want to wear… sigh … and I come across this one I made a year ago, I think.

I wish I would have pulled it out earlier, like two days earlier, but here it is, and just to add on to the hipster look, I wore my Converse. The glasses, well that’s just because I’m blind and I don’t want to get contacts.


But you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to make this beautiful crochet hat. You can find the pattern here.

photo 2

I swear, every day I fall more in love with crochet. The things I can make with just yarn and a hook are unbelievable. I’m not only a hooker, I’m a magician too 😉

Love, laugh, live, crochet.

Crochet Gifts for Every Occasion: Baby

If you are friend or family, sooner or later you are bound to receive a crochet gift. I can make about anything in crochet, but what I love to do is baby items. Babies look adorable in crochet hats, booties, and blankets. Sure I can go through registries and buy something that won’t take as much time, but one thing I will tell you, If I make time to do something for you, you are indeed special 🙂

This is my recent baby gift for a friend’s baby. I saw that in their registry they had asked for leg warmers, so what do I do? I crochet some leg warmers… and a few other things. Here is what this beautiful baby received from me.

Baby Nieva gifts

I don’t remember how I made the leg warmers. That happens to me a lot. I pick up a hook and some yarn and say “I think I’ll crochet this today,” and it all magically appears.

crochet leg warmers1 copy

And I kept going. These leg warmers needed a matching headband, and voila!

crochet headband1 copy

crochet leg warmers and headband1

I also ordered a pack of rattles a while ago to use on all of my amigurumi and I tested them out putting one inside this beautiful little owl. The rattle is a perfect size and it’s loud enough to be stuffed inside amigurumi. I can’t wait to make more.

crochet owl rattle1

To top it off I added the cutest beanie ever that supports and encourages breast feeding. The pattern for this is pretty simple, like any ordinary beanie but with a few rows up before increasing.

breastfeeding beanie1

One of the items that was not crochet but indeed handmade is the blanket with ribbon tags. Babies love tags and this can be used as a burp or quick wipe cloth.

taggie blanket

Handmade gifts are always the best and I love the face of appreciation and happiness when they receive them.

Crochet: Minion Hat


Here’s the Minion hat I did for my son.

I plan on doing the one with the one eye for the baby and I too can have my own minions that will work for me. The pattern is pretty simple and it only took me a day to complete the entire hat.

Working with a simple earflap beanie pattern and after 12 sc rows,  I switched to black yarn and started the goggle band part of the hat.


I stitched two rows of blue around the hat and the flaps, to finish off with two sets of braided yarn.


The eyes have four colors, black, brown, white and gray. I made two identical circles and sewed them on the part that shows the uneven-ness of the yellow-black color change.