CAL- Mystery Afghan Challenge Week 2

I was a little hesitant, to be honest, when I saw that week 1 was a simple granny square. The advantage of starting late is that I was able to see the next clue, and we do some funky stuff to the granny square no longer making it appear blah.

Week 2 clue pattern can be found here.

CAL Week 2 Granny Square

and here are all 20 of them 🙂

CAL Week 2 Squares

CAL Week 2 Cross in 20 Squares

and wait until you see week #3!


CAL- Mystery Afghan Challenge Week 1

The reason why I went back to Facebook, was because I missed all of the challenges and projects shared on the Crochet Crowd page.

The moment they announced they’d be having a Crochet-Along Mystery Afghan Challenge, I knew I’d be doing it. The only problem was that life got in the way. One thing led to another and the challenge started and I stayed behind, BUT here I am, only 2 weeks behind…better late than never…

Here are my color choices:

CAL Color Choices copy

Clue pattern for Week 1 can be found here.

I used the blue as my main color and clue #1 led me to this… a granny square…

CAL Week 1 Granny Square


… 20 of them!

CAL Week 1 Granny Squares


Now on to clue #2…

Cheerful Afghan Challenge

This month’s Crochet Crowd Challenge is called the Cheerful Afghan Challenge and we are only two days away from the submission deadline. I finally finished it last night. Here’s a little about it.

photo 2

The starting date was on April 15, but since I was working on the Mystery Challenge, I didn’t really start this one until May 1st.

photo 3 copy

The pattern and video tutorial was simple to follow and like always, Mikey did an excellent job at giving us pointers on how to go about repeating the pattern, instead of re-reading it over and over again. That night I managed to get a lot of the blanket completed.

photo 4 copy 2

I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Aran, Honeydew, Watercolor, and Orchid but Medium Purple would also work.

cheerful afghan

As you can see. I worked a different border than the one on the original pattern. This was a tough one because the pattern itself is busy, but you can never go wrong with a shell. This border I got from a book I got a year ago.

crochet borders book

This book has AMAZING borders. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do all of them, but just going through all 150 makes you want to do 150 afghans just to use all of them. For this blanket I used border #121.

Let me show you in pictures how the border started to form.

photo 1 copy 3

photo 2 copy

photo 3 copy 2

photo 4 copy 3


And now I’m left with an emptiness, because that’s the feeling you get when you tackle and finish a blanket. It looks like I’ll have to start another afghan project 🙂

Crochet Mystery Challenge: Reveal

photo copy 2


Ta Da!!!

Louie is complete! and he’s a giraffe!

Doesn’t he look adorable? Here’s a whole gallery  full of them, made by different participants. The creativity is breathtaking.

I had so much fun and I can’t wait to be part of another mystery challenge.

Crochet Mystery Challenge: Week 3 & 4

Look! Louie has more parts.


I’ve been busy trying to finish poor ol’ Louie and I’ve managed to complete all of the necessary parts to reveal his true identity (if you haven’t already guessed).

I’ve had so much fun crocheting along and doing each mystery clue, that I forgot how tedious putting together something like this can be. A few minutes ago I was sewing the legs together and became a bit frustrated. Oh well, It’s too late to back down and besides, it’s looking cuter and cuter.

The deadline to enter this cute mystery creature into the challenge is May 6th. The winner will be randomly selected and will win a bag full of yarn and other goodies! How cool is that?!

I expressed this last detail to my husband and he said, “That’s what the winner gets? I thought they’d win money.”

“Honey, yarn is worth more than money.”


For all of the steps for this cute little creature visit The Crochet Crowd.

Crochet Mystery Challenge: Week 2

A few days ago I started the first part of the Crochet Crowd’s Mystery Challenge.

Last night I began and finished Week 2 ,which consists of 4 legs and a pair of ears. This is a very simple project and it’s so easy to follow Mikey’s tutorial. I’ve done my fair share of crocheted dolls. For a while I stopped because I noticed my wrists would hurt more when I would do amigurumi. After I finished these little parts, I went to bed with a bit of pain. It must be because I work my stitches tighter and thus put more pressure.

Take a look at what we got going so far.


Louie at Week 2. Hmm Giraffe? Hippo? Armadillo?


Crochet Mystery Challenge: Week 1

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while, but I have been very busy. A toddler and a 5 month old require a lot of attention. I wake up and I kid you not, I blink and it’s time for bed.

Every now and then I sit down and pick up my hook. I’ll be posting all of the projects I have been doing since my disappearance. So keep an eye out for those in the next couple of days.

This month I’ll be working on two projects. The first one is the Crochet Crowd’s Mystery Challenge. The next is an afghan challenge also from the Crochet Crowd.

I know I’m two weeks behind, but my plan is to catch up this week.

It just seems like so much fun, I couldn’t resist. I usually have to have an idea on what I’m going to create. I like to spend time on each project to draw it out, so to speak. I like to get a color scheme going, but I’ll have to trust it and just have fun. After all, anything made out of yarn is beautiful.

For this project I used a size G 4.0mm and the main color is Red Heart Super Saver in Light Grey.

So here’s week 1’s result


I have no idea what it is. So far it looks like an alien, but it could be anything. A giraffe, a hippo, a horse, a dinosaur. I’ll have to keep going to figure it out. For now, I’ll just call him Louie.

What do you think it is?